Thursday, August 17, 2017

Time Management Tips for Busy College Students

There’s recent research showing that 42 percent of all college students in America find themselves juggling school and family or work responsibilities. There are also personal circumstances that can prevent a student from fully engaging in her university activities and schoolwork. So how does one manage her time properly? Here are some tips from ThoughtCo.

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Learn to say no
You won’t be effective at any of the things you’re trying to accomplish when you’re stretched to your limits. Set priorities and say no to everything that doesn’t fit within those priorities. Apologize that you won’t be able to take part in something, but don’t have to go out of your way to offer an excuse or explanation.
Give someone the responsibility of doing something for you. Decide is best to help, explain the job properly, and be very specific about your expectations and the consequences of not performing correctly. Trust that person and provide whatever training or resources are necessary.
Use a planner
It could be an old-fashioned planner or your smartphone, but whatever it is, learn to put your tasks and schedule in one place so as not to forget anything. Check your planner regularly and update with the most pressing matters in mind.
Make lists
Lists are great not just for groceries but also university assignments and activities. Keep a running, dated list and include ideas there that you can nurture later on when you find the time. Not everything can be managed using brainpower alone.

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Have a schedule
This will establish the self-discipline necessary to succeed in college life, and will offer a bird’s eye view of one’s entire semester in order to stay balanced and on top of things.
Diana Wylde is a 19-year-old currently taking up computer science at Duke University. Read more on this page.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Could These be the Best Sushi Spots in America?

Lunch, dinner, it doesn’t matter: sushi is a mouthwatering option every time and it’s here to stay. Thrillist makes a list of the 21 best sushi spots in the United States for when you’re in the mood to pick up your chopsticks and feast on the freshest sushi and maki rolls.

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Leading the list is Arami in Chicago, Illinois, said to be “an instant hit” when it opened in 2010. Even with the change of chefs the level of excellence is touted to have not changed, with specialty sashimi choices such as hamachi with mushroom and truffle oil. Trailing Arami is Arigato Sushi in Santa Barbara, California, where art takes centerstage and something as simple as sashimi appears “plated at the Louvre.” The salmon is adorned with gorgonzola sauce and dill, while non-sushi dishes such as broiled scallops are a delight.

Also making it to the list is Portland, Oregon’s Hokusei, which mixes Portlandia style with traditional sushi and offers an omakase that has a friendlier price than its counterparts in bigger cities. In San Francisco, one may also explore ICHI Sushi + NI Bar, which boasts a “sustainable, seasonal menu” and pairs it off with izakaya and cocktails at the NI Bar.

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New York City won’t be left behind with Ichimura at Brushstroke, which has two Michelin stars and prepares fish edomae-style (cured and aged) for added umami. Finally, another Chicago dining destination joins the list: Mirai, a dimly lit sushi spot with a traditional sushi selection coupled with unique picks.