Monday, April 10, 2017

Five Essential Video Game Etiquette Tips To Learn Now

For gamers, there is nothing sweeter than playing with other people online and accomplishing goals. Even if you never meet these people, there is a sense of belonging and friendship. That being said, with more video game platforms being played online, it is essential that you know five key etiquette rules to learn.

Remember that it’s not real: It’s so easy to forget this -- especially in games where there is such a great investment not only of time but money as well. However, getting too involved in a game can actually be more a detriment than an advantage. This is because people have the anonymity of the online platform yet the rage of a real life person. The results are often not good; so many users have been banned from various gaming sites because of their excessive behavior. This included shouting, cussing, and even threatening the other player. This is not acceptable and it is crucial that people still learn how to separate real from fantasy.

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Be mindful of the language: On a similar note, gamers should remember that they should remain respectful in their language. Just because these other people are “not real” does not mean they do not deserve respect. A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t say that to your mother, don’t say it at all.

Play the game correctly: One of the easiest ways to avoid stress when playing is learning how the game works in the first place. Online trolls and haters love targeting noobs (those who are new to the game) or those who, despite learning the rules of the game, still insist in not playing it correctly. Nothing angers an online crowd more than someone who refuses to play the game properly.

Be nice, but not gullible: Unfortunately, online gaming is one way for naive people to get scammed. A lot of games have upgrades which people can either work for or pay to have. True gamers understand that the beauty of these gear is gaining them through proper means. However, there is always a short-cut to this, and some gamers can ask other players help them get the gear. This is perfectly legal -- though new players should always be vigilant about scams and other unscrupulous deals.

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Remember to log out: This is not really a game etiquette as more of a reminder to yourself that online gaming should be limited to a certain number of hours each day. The brilliance of etiquette one exhibits is often a reflection of one’s personal life. Having said that, it is important that people still have their own, personal lives outside of gaming.

If you follow these tips, it will prove to make your gaming experience all the more fun.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Gamer Buzz: Upcoming Sega Releases

Sega may have withdrawn from the console race but I’m actually glad that they’re still churning out fun games for their loyal fans. Early this year they were able to release Yakuza 0 and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone to record-breaking success. With the Sonic franchise still under their banner, the company is planning a huge comeback that Nintendo Switch users will experience first hand.

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Speaking of the famous hedgehog, Sega will be releasing the much awaited Sonic Mania game. The franchise will also be making an entry in the Xbox and Playstation consoles, teasing the arrival of new characters and components in the series. They previewed some parts of the new game at the SXSW gaming event early this year and fans are already excited.

But that’s not all. Sega will release Puyo Puyo Tetris, Persona 5, Dawn of War III, and more later this year. If all goes well for these games, we might witness the comeback of the company that made us love videogames in the first place.

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After many consoles and game titles from competing companies, Sega still has an edge in the industry. Back when controllers were simple and the graphics were only in 32-bit, they were able to show us a good time. With all the technology we have these days, I’m sure the company will be able to bring their A-game with new and old titles fans of all ages will like.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Short History Of Sushi

True foodies know that the history of the dish is important. Understanding the origins of a specific food somehow makes it taste better. If for anything, the history can be fascinating and interesting. When it comes to sushi, the origin is as rich and subtle as the taste of the dish itself.

Sushi is believed to have been created during the second century AD out of necessity. Cooks had to find a way to preserve their meats without refrigeration. The answer came in curing the meat (or typically, fish) and them wrapping them in rice. The rice-fish combo was left to ferment for several months, which allowed them to last longer than if they were just cured alone. After months of fermenting, cooks would discard the rice and eat the cured insides.

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The practice spread across Southeast Asia, with the Japanese adapting the practice and curing their fish-and-rice sushi with sake. A few more centuries passed, and the Japanese began adding vinegar to their sushi to help with the fermentation process. In this way, they did not have to wait so long before they could eat it.

The sushi that people recognize today uses raw sushi, which only started during the 1820s because of convenience. Cooks wanted to maximize their supply. It took more years for sushi to become popular.  
By this time, outside vendors began selling the sushi in their stalls. People enjoyed its portability and used to buy it on their way home. During World War II, sushi became a staple for those who wanted an inexpensive but tasty snack.

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Globalization has made sushi a highly recommended dish. It is now enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

5 Reasons Gamers Should Be Excited About The Nintendo Switch

As we all know, Nintendo is a giant in the gaming world. Since they announced their new console, the Nintendo Switch, gamers from all over the world can’t wait to get their hands on the hot gizmo. Being one of these people, I present to you 5 reasons we’re so excited for the Nintendo Switch:

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1. It’s a home gaming system and a mobile handheld console.

Have you seen the ad? The console can be enjoyed as a traditional home gaming system and when players get tired of staring at the big screen or if they’re going somewhere else, they can take the tablet and the controllers without interrupting their progress in the game.

2. The flagship games!

The Legend of Zelda will make its grand comeback on Nintendo Switch and critics are saying that it’s nothing short of amazing. Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 and other surprise titles are set to be a part of the original lineup.

3. Different play modes.

Aside from the fact that you can play it almost anywhere, the console also allows different play modes such as the TV Mode, Handheld Mode, and Tabletop Mode where you can play games with a friend using the Joy-Con controllers.

4. Multiplayer.

Because the device is wi-fi ready, it can connect with up to 8 other Switch systems. Players don’t have to worry about not having access to foreign games because this console isn’t region-locked. What a convenience.

5. Companies are already designing games.

Over 50 companies are planning to join the Switch world. Aside from the flagship games, we’ll also see FIFA, The World of Goo, and more Super Mario titles that could be released this year. Word on the street says that the next Call of Duty will be launched on the console. What?

The Nintendo Switch sounds too good right? I should save up and get ready for hours of straight-up videogame fun. I can’t wait.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Eating It Right: The Five Types Of Sushi

Sushi is gaining popularity in the West. It is common to find little sushi restaurants popping in every corner. The beautiful array of choices seem more like an art piece than an actual menu. Sushi enthusiasts however know that there are five general types of the dish and have listed them below.

Makizushi: This means "rolled sushi" and is what most people think of when they think about sushi. These are generally wrapped in Nori (seaweed). Sometimes they can be wrapped in a thin omelet, cucumber, soy paper, or shiso (perilla) leaves. Maki sushi can come in five different kinds of rolls: Hosomaki (thin roll, rice on inside, nori on the outside), Chumaki (medium roll, rice on inside, nori on the outside), Futomaki (thick roll, rice on inside, nori on the outside), Uramaki (inside-out roll, rice on outside, nori on the inside), and Temaki (hand roll).

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Nigirizushi: This means "hand-pressed sushi". As the name suggests, this is normally a hand-formed rectangle of sushi rice with wasabi on top and finished with some type of topping.

Chirashizushi: This means "scattered sushi". This is served in a bowl with sushi rice and covered with various toppings. The number of toppings varies per restaurant but most chefs serve it with nine.

Inarizushi: This is fried tofu that is made into a pouch and filled with sushi rice. This is the least common of the sushi and is normally cooked in traditional and small restaurants.

Oshizushi: Meaning "pressed sushi". This unique sushi looks like a box because it is made in a wooden mold, called an oshibako.

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Those who love sushi are recommended to try each variety and decide which one they prefer best.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oishi! A Primer To The Best Items On a Sushi Menu

Sushi is one of man's greatest creations. The only failing is if you can't speak the Japanese language, a sushi restaurant's menu can be quite confusing. So here are a few basics to help you figure out the best things to order at a sushi restaurant.

Some people might be confused between sushi and sashimi but the former is anything prepared with the special sushi rice, while the latter is meat or seafood, sliced into thin pieces and served with daikon and shiso leaves.

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The some varieties of sushi are the maki or the sushi rolls wrapped in seaweed, nigiri or the hand-pressed sushi where the rice is topped with seafood, and the rice bowl called chirashi, among others.

If you're still apprehensive about eating raw fish, start with the California Maki, which contains crab meat (imitation or real), cucumber, and avocado. I also recommend the Philadelphia roll which has smoked salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese.

In my opinion, some of the best bites those with daring palates can order are the unagi (eel), otoro (supreme fatty tuna), and uni (sea urchin).

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The freshwater eel is sweet, savory and a little smoky, having been marinated and then grilled before being topped on sushi rice. Otoro, on the other hand, has a beautiful marbling of fat that makes it unbelievably rich and creamy. My absolute favorite is the sea urchin, especially in a bowl with ikura or salmon roe, but I love them in rolls too.

Now if you're really brave, there's also basashi or horse meat, served as sashimi, or the infamous blowfish sashimi, which should be eaten only restaurants with licensed and experienced chefs as improper preparation can be deadly. As much as I love sushi, I'm still weighing whether this is something I can do.

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Monday, October 31, 2016

New Computer Game Helps Scotland Police Fight Cybercrime

Computer games are not just for recreational purposes. Many industries are now seeing the unique benefits of an augmented reality experience and have applied this to better the skill set of their employees. One such example is a new game being released in Scotland to help local policemen fight cybercrime.

This virtual reality game can be played on a tablet, desktop, or smartphone, and is aimed at helping the police force better understand the many factors of cybercrime. The game involves users interacting with a virtual flat and making decisions based on their knowledge of certain police powers. Users uncover evidence and have to answer questions about legal procedures and relevant legislation. The game also teacher policemen how to recognize and secure digital devices.

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The developers of the game say that this is the first step in applying video and computer games to other markets. It is a beautiful partnership that combines ease-of-use with practical events. There have yet to be official results of the outcome of this project, but initial reports are optimistic. In today’s ever-visual world, most people lack the focus to read or pay attention in classes. Many business and mental health studies were done independently of each other conclude that most people prefer learning through a fun and visual medium. Computer games are an excellent channel for this.

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Another wonderful aspect of the game is that it can be completed in a shorter period than traditional schooling. Policemen who complete their course training receive accreditation and gain a professional development award.

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